Nick Griffin’s home address shared on Facebook after BNP leader’s tweets address of gay couple who won landmark discrimination trial and calls for 'a bit of drama' outside their home Here's something that we're presumably going to have to listen to a lot more of as a result of the BNP's success in the European elections – Nick Griffin's views on climate change. But Griffin soon tired of his new pals, leaving in 1990, and exited politics for three years. This led his to get beaten up by Communists after a rally in South London. The self-titled 'white rights fighter' took aim at Beeston on March 17. leedslive. Of course, he also made nice with David Duke, the ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. June 2013: Holiday in a warzone, because IDK When he was declared bankrupt earlier this year due to a legal dispute with his law firm, landing him with £120,000 (just under $193,000) in fees, Griffin tried to spin it off as no big thing. 1980: Italian fascist Roberto Fiore flees Italy for the UK and befriends Nick Once in power, he set about implementing his agenda—coming up with the new logo, embracing the media, and finagling support from the many jagged far-right splinter parties of the time, most notably the National Democrats. But the 2009 European Elections saw Griffin’s personal triumph—he became an MEP with six percent of the national vote. HE QUICKLY BACAME A BIG DEAL IN THE NF AND HELPED FOREIGNERS MOVE TO THE UK His expulsion on Tuesday drew the veil over an era in British far-right politics where it both tipped towards respectability and lurched from calamity to disaster like a drunk clown at a six-year-old’s party. "Individuals and organisations who spread hate, or attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are, have no place on Facebook," a spokeswoman for the social network said. 2009 was Griffin’s breakthrough. In 1979, he started putting on racially supremacist gigs in his dad’s backyard—founding the White Noise Music Club. Especially when they’re about to be declared bankrupt for the second time. The man who had led the way in creating a far-right party with an air of respectability was happily standing with a guy with a Wolfsangel flag and activists from the National Front—where it had started all those years ago. To cap it all, Tommy Robinson later declared all that fascism to be a load of bullshit anyway. Facebook said it uses an extensive process to determine which people or groups it designates as dangerous, using signals such as whether they have used hate speech, and called for or directly carried out acts of violence against others based on factors such as race, ethnicity or national origin. THE DEMISE OF THE BNP Former leader of the BNP fears Twitter will be the next social media giant to ban far right figures like Britain First and Knights Templar International, Never miss a big story in Plymouth again with our daily newsletters. Our. So, he got into boxing, got good at it, and ended up representing the university, winning two bouts and losing one. Those who argue we are wrong to invite the BNP … There had been a tight focus on Jew-hating, and initially a focus on compulsory, rather than voluntary, repatriation of foreign-types. Nick Griffin and BNP Smear Critics The slurs against me are actually a back-handed compliment; proof that the BNP takes me seriously and has been damaged by my criticisms - now and in years gone by. Nick Griffin, who led the British National Party from 1999 to July this year, when he stood down and became the organisation’s president, has been expelled from the party. After a 2004 BBC documentary, The Secret Agent, went undercover inside his outfit, Griffin and Mark Collett were brought up on charges of inciting racial hatred for certain comments they’d made about Islam. HE WAS INTO THE RACIST BAND SKREWDRIVER LONG BEFORE PLAN B HAD THE T-SHIRTS In 1983, the writing was on the wall for the National Front, much as it is for the BNP now. This was your life in politics. His constituents wondered why he didn’t have that one nailed down already, because in 1991 Griffin gone through his first bankruptcy, owing £65,000 ($104,000) after being obliterated by the property crash of that year. There were no addresses from the platform at the count of either, after election authorities banned them. He was also accused of calling murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence a drug dealer and bully who stole younger students' dinner money. Speaking on Twitter, Nick Griffin - the former leader of the BNP - asked "how much longer before Twitter follow suit?". But Nick Griffin’s 2014 has formed a terse headstone to what had been a brilliant career. He’d bought houses, then flipped them into more houses in France, until an accident where he lost his eye cleaned him out. The banned groups - as well as key members of their leadership - have all  been removed from both Facebook and  Instagram. 1999: Rise to power If it was knuckle-dragging under Griffin, the BNP under the late Tyndall was positively cro-magnon. His nickname at the school, St Felix’s, was apparently “Nick The Prick.". Nick Griffin sur la BBC. Of all the banned groups banned, only the BNP currently has a Twitter account. Griffin did well at school and hence ended up at Downing College, Cambridge, studying law. The BNP has accused him of trying to “destabilise” the party and of “harassing” its members. Outside the studio, people protested. 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Guardian commentators and British MPs discuss whether the BBC was right to put BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time Peter Hain , Herman Ouseley … The British National Party has voted to allow black and Asian members. Then, in 1989, he, Fiore and Patrick Harrington put together a new faction: the internationalist, anti-capitalist, third-wayist International Third Position. Like many of us, his parents met while heckling Communists at a Young Conservatives meeting. Jackie Griffin couldn’t have been more wrong about her man giving up his old ways, but domestically at least, theirs has always reportedly been a happy marriage. Inside, the focus was on asking Nick why his views are so abhorrent. 09:02, 23 MAR 2020; News. First off, he assured everyone that, unlike Westminster member sof parliament (MPs), members of European Parliament (MEPs) are legally allowed to continue their work after bankruptcy. Follow us on twitter at In 1998, Griffin had already been convicted of “publishing or distributing racially inflammatory written material” in an issue of The Rune, his anti-Semitic fanzine. You can unsubscribe at any time. He said he was happy to stand with members of far-right splinter groups that he would have spurned as BNP leader. This capped a long tradition of opportunist associations with scumbags. Grande-Bretagne: Exclu de son parti, un leader d'extrême droite règle ses comptes sur Twitter. In the end, Nick Griffin complained more than anyone, saying that he had performed so badly because everyone in London hates him, as it is too multicultural. HE IS A MARTYR As time went on, the BNP ended up being kicked around. HE SAW AN OPPORTUNITY Richard Barnbrooke, The BNP's first London Assembly Member (Photo by Henry Langston). Could it be that there, in that Dover parking lot, a new chapter in the career of Nick Griffin started? Academically, he was mediocre. Jessica Elgot The Huffington Post UK. Former BNP leader Nick Griffin makes embarrassing gaffe as he tries to insult Leeds. They have four kids, all now in their twenties—Rhiannon, Elin, Richard and Jennifer. Nick ended up as one of two boys at an all-girls private school, after winning a scholarship. Nick Griffin has been expelled from the BNP, just months after stepping down as the party's leader. The BBC looks back on the highs and lows of the 55-year old's political career. Facebook Twitter Email WhatsApp vKontakte. These images are just a taste of the hate that he and the British National Party (BNP) represent. Everybody loves a bargain. Nick’s wife later claimed that his parents’ great sin was believing that the sun shone directly the ass of their boy. Splitting into a range of meaningless splinters of angry bald men, Griffin dragged himself and some colleagues off to form a new group called NF Political Soldier. He’d spotted his moment, and by the end of 1993, the BNP seemed to suddenly have real traction. Griffin soon set himself apart, launching the party’s in-house magazine, and agitating as a modernizer. It was so controversial that the Wikipedia article on this one chat runs to 6,000 words. He posted pictures of “typical Beirut corner shop fruit bar," and out of focus shots of downtown public squares. “I am now turning the experience to the benefit of hard-up constituents by producing a booklet on dealing with debt,” he said. Replaced as party leader. Mark Thompson. HE EXPERIMENTED WITH FORMATS Mis à jour le 02/10/14 à 10h32. But some end in more failure than others. Nick Griffin Twitter Storm: BNP's Pitiful Last Gasp for Attention in Gay Couple Address Stunt [OPINION] By Dominic Gover. The family moved up out of the city. It had been telegraphed in the BNP’s growing number of local council seats for a while—they were already the second largest party in the London borough of Barking & Dagenham. Leader du Parti national britannique (BNP) de 1999 à 2014, il a également été député européen de 2009 à 2014. Soon the vanguard of the BNP’s remaining support base began to bleed away onto their mean streets, preferring to drunkenly fight each other than to contest elections. Nicholas John Griffin, dit Nick Griffin, né le 1er mars 1959 à Barnet, Hertfordshire, est un homme politique britannique. Boo. The White Noise Music Club: 1979 1983: Leaves NF to form NF Political Soldier HE HAD A FEW GOOD YEARS By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Nathan Hyde Local Democracy Reporter. Rest in peace, Nick. All of them speak Welsh. They were a hodgepodge tribe who believed in the environment. Later on in 2013, Griffin went on another jaunt, to Azerbaijan, in time to see their corrupt regime teeter its way to another rigged election. 1985: Marries Jackie Wealth redistribution. Declared bankrupt. This article is more than 11 years old. The party was the butt of  many jokes, and was forced to leave its premises in the Gloucestershire countryside after residents objected and they were subject to increasingly ominous threats of bankruptcy. 2001: Oldham lights his fire The meal was sausage and mash. By 1980, he was a leader in NF’s National Directorate, and editor of the NF’s youth paper—Bulldog—and ran twice in UK parliamentary elections, garnering about one percent of the vote. Griffin started the party’s long march towards relative—relative—social acceptability. As others dreamed loftily of investment banking roles in Hong Kong, of working their way diligently to the middle of the civil service, there, on the fringes of their awareness, Nick was joining the National Front (NF) youth brigade. His dad’s electronics business in Barnet, London failed, so Griffin senior taught himself accounting, while they lived in “genteel poverty," becoming habituated to sugar sandwiches for dinner. Yay. Various far-right factions in Dover last week (Photo by Alex Cornish). HE ALLIED WITH OTHER FASCISTS explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. The profits from Fiore and Griffin’s co-ventures were apparently channelled back to a range of fascist groups, which is probably still a nobler endgame than most London landlords. Griffin has said that he will start a new movement and told VICE News that this "will be be seen as the preeminent national movement in Britain” in the “not-too-distant future." Typical. Something went wrong, please try again later. HE HAD A VERY NORMAL CHILDHOOD July 2014: Loses MEP seat His dad ended up as a Conservative local official. HIS DOWNFALL WAS VERY SWIFT, IN THE END Expelled from the party. Griffin has stated that Islam is a "wicked, vicious faith" and that Muslims were turning Britain into a … “And it soon became obvious that he was unable to work as an equal member of the team, and alarmingly his behavior became more erratic and disruptive.”. Meanwhile, a tanning salon owner with a fake name started a Facebook group that became a social movement—the English Defense League, or EDL. All political careers end in failure, the saying goes. 2006: Acquitted on hatespeech charges This English Eva Braun was a district nurse, who’d been visiting her sister at Cambridge when she had the outrageous good fortune to meet the future ex-BNP leader. By 1999, he was ready to make his move, standing in leadership elections against Tyndall, who secured only 30 percent of the vote. September 2014: Kicked out Carman described the fiesta of kitsch within as containing “scenes from Arthurian legend." Nick Griffin is a white supremacist, a holocaust denier, is homophobic and is an all around racist. SEARCHLIGHT 292 - NICK GRIFFIN / BNP / HAIDER / ANTI-FASCISM pas cher : retrouvez tous les produits disponibles à l'achat sur notre site. Nick Griffin - the former leader of the British National Party - has spoken out after Facebook permabanned BNP and other far right groups, including Britain First and Knights Templar International. Nick Griffin: profile of BNP leader. Rochdale grooming: BNP leader's tweet almost caused trial to collapse amid fears far-right had a mole in the jury. People were starting to take Nick seriously. Last weekend, our reporter was in Dover as Griffin addressed a protest, railing against the immigrants and comparing them to “Norman bastard” William the Conqueror. Griffin and his fellow candidate for Oldham East then wore white gags in protest against being barred from making inflammatory speeches in a powder keg. Nick once invited biographer Dominic Carman to his house in Wales a few years back. To keep up to date with Plymouth Live's latest news, follow us on Facebook here and Twitter here, or visit our homepage at, For Devon news, find Devon Live's Facebook page here, or our Twitter page here, or visit our homepage at, For Cornwall news, find Cornwall Live's Facebook page here, or our Twitter page here, or visit our homepage at, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. And racism. AS A MAN WHO THOUGHT HITLER “HAD MAYBE GONE A BIT FAR,” IT IS UNSURPRISING HE HAS HAD A FEW HATESPEECH TRIALS IN HIS TIME Born: March 1, 1959 Of course, the Palace revoked the invitation, saying Nick had used it to promote his party. 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But Nick Griffin’s 2014 has formed a terse headstone to what had been a brilliant career. They were acquitted in 2006. The National Front and the English Defence League (EDL) have also been banned by the social media giant - and any posts expressing support or praise for them have also been banned. . The far-right’s attempt to look respectable so that they could win elections was coming undone. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. October 19, 2012 13:45 BST. June 4, 2009: Euro Elections Collage made with elements of image by Ricardo Stuckert/ABr. Either way, he was unable to finish the renovations he needed, as the market crashed and interest rates skyrocketed, the banks foreclosed, and his parents had to sell their own home to help him ward off total calamity. For someone at the aggressively anti-capitalist end of the far-right, always putting the “socialist” into National Socialist, Griffin had somehow contrived to do very nicely out of property speculation during the late 1980s. The kids at school had been wrong. In July, Griffin lost his MEP seat as the party returned to the wilderness. “Nick did not adjust well to being given the honorary title of President,” the new leader, Adam Walker, said after his expulsion this past week. He had been leader of the British National Party for 15 years—the longest run at the top by any major UK politician since the 19th century. THAT WAS CONTROVERSIAL, WASN’T IT? Griffin joined the British National Party in 1995, at the personal behest of its then-leader, John Tyndall. Nick Griffin has led the British National Party to controversial victories in the European elections, winning its first two seats. The EDL hoovered up support for far-right causes (Photo by Henry Langston). It has been speculated that he lost his eye on survivalist maneuvers, training for a coming race war, but Griffin insists he was burning trash when an unexploded shotgun cartridge went off inside a bin. Lost his seat in the legislature. He got pelted with eggs at his celebratory press conference outside the Houses of Parliament, but public office was lending the BNP enough credibility that the party’s London Assembly Member, Richard Barnbrooke, was able to invite Griffin to an event at Buckingham Palace. October 2014 to the future: a new dawn? Nick Griffin Twitter Storm After BNP Leader Appears To Tweet Gay Couple's Address. Since he was at the height of his popularity, the BBC decided that it was duty-bound to invite Griffin to shoot the shit with David Dimbleby and some panellists in London. Besides, he added, he would be better able to advise constituents dealing with debt issues. Is Nick’s career dead, or is this in fact just the start of a new chapter? Politique . After a poor showing in the 2010 general election, the party lost many of its council seats in the 2011 local elections, and Griffin narrowly survived a leadership challenge. 24/10/2009 à 12h28. Indeed, Carman recalls her as seeming a bit sad at being described that way, and confessed that she’d always assumed Nick would grow out of his NF ways. In his expulsion hearing, the ex-leader was accused of harassing staff, making physical threats, and bringing the party into disrepute, "deliberately trying to cause a crisis" and disobeying instructions. Like everyone’s dad, Nick’s dad has claimed that, “in many ways the BNP are too moderate for me." HIS RISE WAS AS SHORT AS HIS REIGN WAS LONG Yay. It involved subletting apartments to foreigners so that they could steal houses, then helping them get jobs so they could steal other jobs. “The system here is far more transparent than back home,” he noted with his trademark sagacity. Nick Griffin's expulsion on Tuesday drew the veil over an era in British far-right politics where it both tipped towards respectability and lurched from calamity to disaster like a drunk clown at a six-year-old’s birthday party. He was a winner after all. 1995: Joins BNP And in 2008 they won a seat on the London Assembly. But Nick’s trip to Syria last year was a pure headscratcher. June 27, 2009 onwards Or was he just desperately reaching out to anyone still impressed enough by him to want to pose for a picture? Keeping Nick Griffin off air is a job for parliament, not the BBC . Following some nasty race riots, the BNP managed to score third place results in two Oldham (greater Manchester) constituencies in the general election. PRIVATE SCHOOL, OXBRIDGE: HE WAS EXACTLY THE SORT OF ESTABLISHMENT INSIDER HE RAILED AGAINST But all the same, Griffin’s boyhood seems a cold, distant place from the outside. Soon enough, though, he was in Damascus and photographing himself chilling with Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader Al-Halqi. HE WAS BANKRUPTED NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE October 22, 2009: BNP on Question Time He started out in Lebanon, tweeting out things like: “Puzzle 4 journalists: Why am I in Beirut right now?” No one knew. Share ; Comments ; By. Later, he worked with the whitest white power band of them all, Skrewdriver. In the 1980s, Griffin went to Libya at the behest of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to see if they could make common cause. It was Griffin’s first real tester as leader, and he came through strong, standing himself in Oldham West, and receiving 6,500 votes. The wife was plump, and “unremarkable, apart from being married to the BNP leader." And it’s possible that VICE was in the delivery room of this new movement as it was born.
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