Now I can do a fair, A-B comparison between the 2 across PCM, MQA and Hi-Res FLAC. Maybe the factory guys are on to something, because that always seems like the best balance of overall musical priorities. Also, I give myself sanity checks frequently by A/B’ing the sound and listening to it both ways. I have swapped some emails with Peter Lie at Lumin and he is a very nice guy. Lumin S1 Network Music Player Pro Tip: Add quality Wi-Fi to any Lumin with this product from Amazon. It is a high-end streamer and a high-end DAC in a single chassis. Has anyone comapred the Lumin X1 to the DCS Bartok? The X1 isn't up to the level of the Rossini in terms of absolute resolution but for some listeners the X1 will be more engaging. I was wondering if your X1 and the external power supply have markings for US standards compliance (e.g., UL, and FCC). I've listened through the AMP in both stereo mode and two of them configured as a pair of monoblocks. @The Computer Audiophile nice review. Chris, you should definitely check out Patty Griffin’s catalog. I’ve been using the Qutest in my bedroom headfi setup. This lets dCS add new features and improve the performance of Bartok over its lifetime. I recently took collection of the DCS Bartok and it replaced the LUMIN A1 streamer. The X1 is Lumin's flagship streamer. Any low offers will be ignored. Sign up for a new account in our community. Fortunately for Lumin fans, it can also be used as an upgrade for the T1, A1, U1, and S1 products. With nuance, detail, slam, and air, the Lumin X1 enables the emotion captured in 1988 at Powertrax studio in Hollywood, California to come out in abundance. This would allow for a same room installation with 100% galvanic isolation from the server / network and avoid the need for a switch or extra Ethernet drop. The immediate starts and stops, pounding of drums, and the delicacy of tiny bells and cymbals all sounded pure and unadulterated. Moon by Simaudio 780D v2 Streaming DAC ($15,000.00) Roon Ready. I didn't do this because I just didn't see the use case being very popular. I mostly listen to prog rock, classic rock, folk and some electronic stuff. As many have seen over the years, the best internal components in the world are meaningless without stellar implementation. Lumin X1 (pan zábavný) - plastičnost zdrojů zvuku je podle mého lepÅ¡í jak u Bartóku (opět podobné tomu, co lze slyÅ¡et z gramce s přenoskou Miyajima - tady mi vždy spadne brada u Pavla Dioka) The fact that you've been open with pictures of the room and showing things like the frequency response is great to see Chris. I wonder how the X1 would work with new Small Green Computer sever with it's optical Ethernet output. If I had to place a percentage on this description to help readers understand that about which I'm writing, I'd say the X1 retains the top 5% of the Lumin analog lushness and outstrips everything Lumin has done previously with its 95% digital reference reproduction. Esoteric N-01 Network Audio Player ($20,000) Roon Ready. The Lumin X1 did a terrific job of reproducing this HiFi demo track type of material. For power, all Shunyata. Listening to it through the Lumin X1 was among the best I've heard and unequivocally the best I've heard through a Lumin component. In other words, the X1 brings along a small part of the sound Lumin users have come to love, but rockets the remaining sound quality to a level they haven't heard from a Lumin product. Closing out my listening session with a track containing beautiful percussion, guitar, bass, vocals, and a plethora of emotion, I played Tracy Chapman's She's Got Her Ticket from Chapman's eponymous debut album. It has air, detail, liquidity, slam, and the appropriate amount of analog vibe that makes the Lumin X1 something to behold. Moving from an emotive song like Let Him Fly to The Hell Hounds of Krim off King Crimson's Live in Vienna (December 2016), didn't give me the same  chills, but proved a very fun and enlightening listening experience nonetheless. I understand price points are much different and doing so would bypass the fine DAC of the X1, but am trying to find some comparison of how these differ in presentation. OK, perhaps one can envision smoke from a jazz club between the speakers but her perfectly centered vocal seems to just hang there in thin air. I was at University in Sheffield in the UK when the rave scene came in. The Lumin team implemented a dual mono design using ES9038Pro SABRE DAC chips with a claimed 140 dB dynamic range. Over the last several weeks I've had the Lumin X1 flagship streamer in my reference system and I'm left wondering why I waited so many years to bring a Lumin streamer back into my listening room. No, actually I brought it back and bought a new EAR 912 Tube Preamp :). When combined with the X1 there is nothing holding back a very high level of audio reproduction. Anyone have any input as to the different implementation of these two players? I switched to the Dixie Chicks high resolution version and all was right in the world. The signal processing takes place in the digital domain before the audio reaches the DAC, thus enabling me to evaluate the components under review without anything changing the signal further downstream. They sound different. +1 for the Lumin X1. By The X1 enables the listener to hear everything from Vaughan's lowest to highest registers and all the tiny imperfections throughout. The dCS Bartok ships in November and will be available for 13,500 USD, or 15,000 USD with a built-in headphone amplifier. That said, I'd be interested to hear peoples' opinions if they've tried this. One note about the new Lumin AMP. Egenskaper The new dCS Bartók DAC brings together dCS’s past, present and future. Bel Canto Black EX DAC/Control Preamp ($13,990.00) Roon Ready. The subject of the documentary talked about Patty Griffin's song Let Him Fly and how it helped him while he was sitting in prison for 20 years until his wrongful conviction was overturned. Audioshark Forum LLC, a Florida Corporation. The X1 is a true accomplishment for the Lumin team and a must-hear for eager audiophiles worldwide. Starting at about 30 seconds into the track, the X1 cleanly shows off this track's great foundational bass line. Ever since the Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company (TEAC) founded its Esoteric division, in 1987, Esoteric's slogan has been "state of the art." She makes the Diana Krall versions sound closer to Muzak than an emotional performance of a great song. Although this will work on a functional standpoint, connecting both the analog RCA and XLR outputs would degrade sound quality, especially for Lumin X1 / S1 / A1 / T1. I can tell when I really love a product, I want to write about its sound quality as soon as possible in the review. Thanks SB. Chris, could you compare the sound of X1 vs Berkeley Series 3 vs EMM DV2? TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R Access Point on Amazon Winner of the Six Moons “Blue Moon” Award “To me the S1 is one of the most attractive one-box digital contenders I’ve had opportunity to hear. dCS Ring DACTM fitted, as used in the flagship dCS Vivaldi digital playback system. A Lumin fan since day one. Network Player seems like a rather generic name now, but back then it was very appropriate and specific. The Lumin X1 handles this track, and the rest of the album, in stellar fashion. I put one Ubiquiti UF-SM-1G-S Fiber Optic Module in the Lumin X1 and another in my UniFi switch. I packed away the turntable into its packing case with the idea that if a Lumin X1 could sound close to it, I’d be done with vinyl and could move over completely to streaming digital. The differences between the X1 and the original Network Player I reviewed back in 2013 are too great to cover in detail. In the US, it seems that they very similar in terms of MSRP. After watching the film, I headed up to my listening room to play both versions of the song through the Lumin X1. It seems that are a quite a few Lumin X1 owners on this forum so, I'd thought I throw it out there. They just listen to music. It wasn�t until I put a set of their carpet spikes on, found gold at that point. Sans, the headphone amp option on the Bartok. Listening to Vaughan's vocals through the Lumin X1 has been nothing short of magical. It's also no coincidence they both look wonderful in the same rack. I'm sure you will prefer one over the other. The Computer Audiophile I'm sure King Crimson fans will excoriate me for my lack of enthusiasm, but I'm willing to bet they aren't the biggest Dixie Chicks fans either. Great review, couldn’t agree more. The Lumin team managed to keep the best parts of the Network Player's analog signature, but made the X1 more transparent. I just found it after this was posted. It provided me more of the goosebumps moments. The general hallmarks of dCS playback – precision, detail, immersive and engaging sound are all there along with a natural musicality and faithfulness to the original recording. Special thanks to Peter Lie of Lumin for spending personal time to answer my questions. The Lumin X1 can take advantage of Lumin's own iOS control app that requires a UPnP server or the X1 can be a Roon Ready endpoint. Through a combination of components selection and implementation. I am not in a hurry to sell. I listened to the Patty Griffin version a couple times and it just didn't move me. Finns i butiken för demo! How does the Lumin X1 enable such great reproduction? as much as possible, can you try to describe what is the difference in sonic signatures you heard and observed. It just doesn't put them together in the same way. We tested this SFP module before with Lumin X1, so I believe it would make a great fanless setup. Before that we were going to Jamaican blues parties with wall to ceiling speakers and alternating to clubs blasting hip hop. Vaughan sings All or Nothing at All and The Very Thought of You to close out the album. Getting a fiber optic connection to the Lumin X1 in my system was done using Ubiquiti UniFi network components. I was originally just going to publish my room response without any correction. This is part of the fun. Looks the same as the bottom of my U1 Mini. All of those items are great and should be somewhat familiar to many audiophiles. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Music has been a huge part of my life since at 13 years old in 1977 the punk scene erupted around me in the UK. Frågan är kanske mer hur pass mycket bättre är en X1/Bartok tex än den Naim du har idag är de stora skillnader vem vet ett test kan bara utröna det. This is due to the architecture of the Lumin app in that it doesn't require an extensive database integration with new services, like Roon requires. Prices: BARTOK DAC/ UPNP RENDERER – £11,499; BARTOK DAC / UPNP RENDERER /HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER – £14,499; Key Features. I wonder how the X1 would work with new Small Green Computer sever with it's optical Ethernet output. Pictures of the internal switching power supplies for the less expensive LUMIN products don’t have any certification/testing markings in the pictures I’ve seen either. Acoustic Treatments & Digital Room Correction, Amazon to offer CD+ Quality Music Streaming. Like saying Hi to an old/ New friend. ; Digital inputs support UPnP, asynchronous USB and Apple … Dec 12, 2013 1,963 585 370 NYC , USA. It shouldn't take too long to make a decision once you hear them in your system. I don’t have a lot of experience with high end DACs, but I own an SME 30/2 turntable + SME V with mono crystal wiring and Koetsu Onyx Platinum. Finding what meets one's needs best. Using a fiber optic cable breaks all electrical connections between network components upstream of the Lumin X1 DAC. Du kan få Bartók i två utföranden, med eller utan inbyggd hörlursförstärkare. Every finger slide from Robison and breath from Maines was hanging right between my speakers as was the rest fo the music. This is a fabulous streaming DAC. Great review, couldn’t agree more. This review makes me wanna try Lumin before I buy myself a new Dac/streamer, Within this pricepoint I am thinking about dCS Bartok, MSB discrete and now Lumin x1. That sounds like some audiophile nonsense. I had a quick look at the article, saw your crucify yourself choice of room target curve and lost any interest in reading whatever you might say. This single box digital streaming player features the legendary dCS Ring DAC and digital processing platform, plus a custom high performance UPnP music streamer and CD transport. Two very different sonic signatures and design philosophies. This makes it hard to connect and disconnect components, but unless one is a writer or audio dealer, I don't see this as an issue. The fit and finish of the AMP is identical to the X1, but it weighs significantly more due to its huge power supply. Jag ville ha en smidig lösning med streamer och DAC i samma låda som tar lite plats i bänken, Samma här och därför såldes hela min dCS Vivaldi stack. The AMP was shipped to me with the X1. Natalie Maines' powerful voice paired with Emily Robison's dobro sounded fantastic through the Lumin X1. Thanks to Qobuz I had access to the Patty Griffin version, the 24/96 Dixie Chicks version, in addition to my CD rip of the same. The X1 also features a unique dual mono design throughout which maximises channel separation. I wasn't able to spend as much time as I'd have liked with the AMP, but I will say it's performance is on par with the X1. What makes the X1 a focal point is the beautiful finish of the silver. Did you happen top compare the RCA and XLR outputs? 6 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said: On 12/3/2019 at 7:45 PM, The Computer Audiophile said: o very different sonic signatures and design philosophies. This new power supply is a dual mono linear design specifically for the X1, that converts AC to the quieter DC and then sends DC through the external umbilical cord back to the X1. It … Nobody should walk away thinking I'm the Minister of Information and that my opinion is what should be used for purchases. The X1 and Bartok would be an interesting listen. Dual mono linear regulators, a femto clock system distributed by an FPGA, and an entirely new power supply are also contained within the X1. Digital Ethernet Shunyata Sigma. That's why I can't get lathered up about a horrible sounding 1987 DAT recording that you can listen for the sound... All right. Then there are the "Harshness Dip" variants. Not too shabby, but not top flight and noticeably different from the analog front end. Lumin optical networking configurations (1.5MB PDF), Computer Audiophile PJ4CA Playlist (Tidal), Constellation Audio Mono 1.0 / Monoblock Power Amplifiers, Transparent Audio Reference Interconnects (XLR & RCA), Transparent Audio Reference 110-Ohm AES/EBU Digital Link, Transparent Audio Reference Speaker Cables, Transparent Audio Reference Power Isolator, Transparent Audio High Performance Ethernet Cables. OK, this is Lumin’s flagship music streamer, so ‘a bit special’ is expected. Hello! Still burning in the Bartok but I thought the sense of space and richness of tonality was very good. There are multiple upsampling and filter settings, but as with my experience with dCS and a few other manufacturers, I saved myself hours of agonizing and second guessing, using it at the factory settings. That is use both the XLR and RCA outputs from the X1 to 2 preamps? If anything, that's the main takeaway from my time with the Lumin X1. The X1 does all the right things in the bass, midrange and high end. If so, what made you go for the X1 over the Dcs? This tuning can be used with Roon, JRiver, and other apps that accept convolution filters. With the Lumin X1 driving my Constellation Audio monoblocks' XLR input directly, it had plenty of headroom to pound this track into the neighbor's living room and beyond. It's display at first underwhelmed me, but I came to really like its lack of busyness. I highly recommend people listen to both head to head. The Lumin team has taken the best of its previous products and improved upon these aspects to deliver a sound rooted in analog playback but with all the incredible detail of digital. All the cable connections in the rear are covered by the solid aluminum chassis' overhang. There is no specific external clock available for the Bartok, but the current dCS Rossini Master Clock would be compatible. Good question. Lumin X1 svým charakterem hodně připomíná Å¡pičkové japonské přenosky, zvuk má překvapivě velmi velmi podobné atributy jako Å¡pičkový gramofon. Selling to fund new gears. I am curious as to your opinion of the LUMIN X1 would compare to the Signature Rendu SE Optical to your other DAC units as a  streaming rendering device. I’m assuming the importer/distributer could produce proof of compliance in order to resell in the US. That's right, separate DACs for each channel and even separate toroidal power transformers for each channel. That is until I heard what correction can do. I still like the Lumin app and can vouch for the Lumin team's extremely fast support to correct an issue displaying track titles from Qobuz.
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